Different fun facts about recycling

For a group of people called environmentalists, recycling is an interesting task to do. In fact, they encourage all people to engage in this activity since it gives a lot of benefits not only to those who recycle but also to those who do not.

The facts on recycling were made in order to increase the awareness of people about this advocacy. At present, the world is faced with different catastrophes and calamities that are brought about by the lack of concern for the environment.

Here are some facts about recycling that every individual should be aware of:

- When a single aluminum material is disposed of in a landfill, it is expected to decompose or break down in 80-100 years. If we are to throw one every single day, imagine the space required to accommodate the waste.

- For plastic materials, it may take up to 700 years before it is decomposed. This is the main reason why environmentalists encourage all people to reuse and recycle all plastic containers.

- A ton of mixed paper that is recycled can save energy that is equal to 185 gallons of gasoline. If we continue to recycle paper, a bigger volume of gasoline will be saved and preserved.

If there are statistics, there should also be fun facts about recycling.

- A particular kind of plastic called PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) can be turned into toys, clothes, sleeping bags, stuffed animals, fiberfill, and more.

- One of the many fun facts about recycling is that glass containers can be reused and recycled in endless ways. If you want to reuse them, you can turn them into drinking glasses, candy jars, coffee mugs, flower vases, and other products.

- As an alternative to air fresheners, make use of peels from fruits that give fresh scents such as grapefruit, oranges, and lime. This is highly recommended because dried fruit peels are biodegradable.

- If we are to recycle a single aluminum product, it can save enough energy to power up a television set up to a period of three hours.

- In addition to several fun facts about recycling, electronic devices like computers, television sets, monitors, cell phones, and laptops do have a proper way of disposal. If these old devices still work, it is best to donate them to charitable institutions. If the device is not working anymore, you have the option to sell it, so others can make use of the working parts.

The list of information about recycling can go on and on. Now that more people are given awareness, these facts can still increase.

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