Do you know what it is?

Every day we find various interesting things around us. Sometimes it is even hard to guess what is it. Usually, you just pass by most of them, but some of them attract more attention.

If you do have any unidentified things or photographs of them on your own, then you should first examine them side by side and check if there are any numbers, factory stamps, maybe words/letters on them. You can easily search them directly on the internet and find multiple photographs of objects with the same identifiers.

If this does not help, then search for a detailed description including the material, size, shape and other distinctive features. For example, a small (15 cm in diameter) round, white porcelain object would be a great description for a plate.

If even this method does not help, there are special search communities on the Internet that loves such puzzles and even collect a database of unusual things. For example, there is a community called "What is this thing" in Reddit. People post real pictures of enigmatic objects and ask other users, whenever possible, to try to explain "what" and "why"

In today's selection, we have collected 7 unusual mysterious objects that could only be recognized with the help of the Internet and the voice of the crowd.

Check if you can guess the purpose of each object without checking the answers.

1. Question: "Little soft cylinders, they smell like citrus"

Answer: They are vacuum cleaner deodorants/fresheners. These air fresheners are designed to be placed behind a grill inside the vacuum cleaner where the air is blown out. Passing through the grate, the air will get a citrus scent.

2. Question: "Found this in at a thrift store. Any idea what this oddly beautiful object is for?"

Answer: Many users suggested it's for grilling on a BBQ or fire, but the fact is this is a soap saver and swisher.

A bar of soap (or soap chips) should be placed inside the cage, then put under a stream of hot water to have a soapy solution for washing dishes before dishwashing liquid was a thing. Most often, housewives placed remnants inside to save a full bar of soap.

3. Question: "Garden tool, measuring device? Stands about 1.5-2 feet tall"

Answer: This is a beetle trap. It uses a powerful lure to attract beetles away from plants and into the collection bag. Insects fall into the bag and can't get out. The bag should be replaced with the new one when full.

4. Question: "I found this metal object. No text or numbers. Can retract to be the size of a bracelet"

Answer: This is the top part for the antique women purse. Actually this is the closure .

The whole purse would look like

5. Question: "Got such a strange gift. These are metal and hollow. Plastic threads fits the tubes, probably for cleaning"

Answer: Actually these are reusable drinking straws and cleaning brush for them.

6. Question: "It is a ceramic frog statue with holes on the bottom and a stem with a hole on the top of it"

Answer: On the photo you can see a French watering bell.

To fill the container, you need to lower it into the water, and water gets inside through small holes in the bottom. Then plug the upper part with your finger and lift the container from the water, the liquid will not run out. Just remove your finger from the hole and water your plant when needed.

7. Question: "Cup with a small cup on the side. The smaller cup has two openings on the interior side. Looks like silver. Size of a regular drinking cup."

Answer: This is a pill dispenser cup to help patients take pills. The large outside cup has on one edge a small cup for the administration of medicine at the same time as drinking of liquid. Two slots on the sides of the little container allow liquid to flow into a small pill holder.

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