How to get your ex-girlfriend back

You just realized that you made a huge mistake by breaking up with your girlfriend. Now, you want her back, but you don’t know what to do. Before you do try to get your girlfriend back, think very carefully about it. The reason you might have cheated is that you no longer love her, and getting her back and breaking her heart again can be very messy. The same goes if you dumped her, you need to work hard to get her back because she might end up not trusting you.

Admit to yourself that you want her back

When getting your girlfriend back, you need to lose your pride for the time being. It’s you who wants her back, so it means you should be the one to make adjustments. Swallowing your pride should have limits, if she really makes it hard for you and you did your best, it’s time to stop. She might just be playing around or getting revenge because you have hurt her.

Act fast but don’t hurry

You need to give some space to her, some space because you have hurt her. Give her time to think about it. Approaching an angry person would just lead to arguments. Don’t act after a long time as well, since you will give the impression that you don’t want her back. Remember, the slower you act on getting your girlfriend back would also mean the faster the opportunity would close.

Try to remember what your ex-girlfriend liked about you

Use those attitudes to your advantage. If being sweet was one of the reasons she fell in love with you, then be extra sweet to her. Also, since you know her already, do things that she’ll like and appreciate. It would like courting her again but on a higher level. Make her feel that you’re still the man of her dreams.

Say sorry and accompany it with actions

If a person has been wronged by someone, the word that that person would like to hear would be sorry, the same goes for your girlfriend. It is the first step that will make you look sincere about what you’re doing. Don’t end your apology by just saying sorry, do something to make her feel that you’re really sorry. Flower, chocolates are common stuff you can give, but adding a little extra effort would go a long way. If you can sing and play the guitar, record it and give it to her, just make sure you choose the appropriate song. Draw a caricature of yourself saying sorry and even put tears on it; this might even make her laugh. Most girls are mushy and like to know that they are worth your time.

Let her feel your presence, but not all the time

All women would like a partner they can rely on, which you are showing by being there, but being there with her all the time would make you look like a loser without a life. Some girls would like that you’re with them all the time, but these girls are only a handful. Be there for her and make her feel that you still care for her but casually mention that you were at the gym hanging out, doing that would leave her curious and make her more interested in you.

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