Top 5 styles for decorating an apartment

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is more important than ever to design your home in such a way that you can relax in it. A place where we feel comfortable. This is precisely what is reflected in the latest trends.

1. Loft - urbanization with sophistication

An excellent option for apartments and country houses. Unplastered walls, one-meter high ceilings, and a lot of steel.

When it comes to loft-style furnishings, one thing is important above all: uniqueness is combined with vintage and thus creates an individual look. Furniture and decorations made from materials such as glass, antique wood, or stainless steel immediately emphasize the austere industrial look. Unplastered walls of concrete or brick also represent a loft.

2. Scandinavian style

As the name suggests, this style of the interior has been heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism and Scandinavian interior designers. Light and fresh colors combined with elements of light wood and other natural materials are typical of a Scandinavian style apartment. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the better. Therefore, the style has a simple and straightforward appearance. This style of furniture is characterized by clear lines and laconic design. Scandinavian home accessories, such as lambskin rugs and wool pillows, or indirect light sources such as candles, continue to create warmth and coziness.

3. Mediterranean style

The sea setting is reminiscent of summer vacations and relaxing days by the sea. So why not bring that feeling to your four walls?

First, you need to decide on the right colors. Soft beige, cream, and white tones at the base characterize the nautical style of the interior. To match the look of the sea and sailing, you can add natural accents in blue and add some red. Light pastel colors will give the interior a romantic look.

You can use nature as a guide not only for the color scheme but also for the choice of materials. Fabrics like linen are reminiscent of cool beach bars, while light-colored furnishings reflect the lightness of the sea. Your inspiration can also be found in home accessories. For example, you can work with handcrafted seashells or sand to create the perfect nautical look.

4. Vintage style

Vintage and retro style is not only a subject for nostalgia, it can also be correctly implemented and look super modern.

Whether it's a wild seventies or an elegant look: stick to your ideal lifestyle and go. Pick a few pieces of furniture from your favorite style and add a real touch to your home with vintage pieces. Buffet, dining table can be bought for little money at flea markets or auctions. In addition to classic wood, leather and metal are the most common retro materials. Romantic floral patterns and understated prints also add a nostalgic touch to the interior.

5. Modern design

The following applies to modern lifestyles: Less is more! The furnishings and décor in a modern design are characterized by straight lines and a simple overall concept. Despite the laconic style of the furnishings, you can add personal accents with interesting style combinations. The contemporary style blends perfectly with minimalist furnishings.

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